Photo Flip Books FAQ


  • How Much Does our Photo Flip Books Cost?

We have different packages to cater to your event.  Contact us at info@flipnamazing.com for more information and a quote.



  • How Does it Work?

We take a 7 second video of you in front of a backdrop while you get crazy and silly with props.  From there we turn that video into a flip-book created on site!


  • What do We Require at your Event?

We need a 10×10 foot area (preferably a 15×15 area) along with access to a 110V electrical outlet.  We also request that two 6 foot tables with skirts matched to your event theme/color.  If the event is outdoors we also require additional setup requirements that can be discussed after contact is made.


  • Why Flip n’ Amazing Photos?

Photo flip books are a great addition to any event or occasion.  They make perfect party favors too!


  • Can I have a Custom Cover Made for my Event?

Of course! We create custom covers that can include anything from a logo, photos, names, monograms, or any image you choose!

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